The abandoned church was the Resistance's rendezvous point after the final stand against the Exmortis. It was seen in Exmortis 2. What was once a place to practice the religion of God is now a reminder of Mankind's foolishness and false hope.

Exmortis 2Edit

In Exmortis II, Joshua Hannay starts off in front of the abandoned church. He was supposed to meet up with some fellow survivors, but he was the only one left.

Inside he met with Lord Vlaew, who kept his identity a secret as he told Joshua that the parchment he had with him was the key to winning and, in his own words, "allow mankind to begin rebuilding." Upon finding that it was the property of Lochear Fields Ranch, Joshua left, narrowly escaping the Cult of Exmortis. The ultimate fate of the church is unknown.