Exmortis is an adventure/horror point-and-click flash game created by Ben Leffler.

Summary Edit

You wake up in the woods, with a lump on your head
You can't remember how you got there
All you can recall are the dreams

It's late, cold and you are unsure of where you are exactly
Fighting through the headache, you regain your focus
You see a house in a clearing and decide to shelter there
Anything is better than freezing to death in the woods

Plot Edit

Exmortis follows a man who wakes up in the woods with no recollection of his past or how he got there. He seeks shelter in an a creepy and unknown abandoned house with a dark past, learning of ancient entities of immense power and the tragic fate of Xavier Rehayem and his daughter Gwen Rehayem, as well as his own dark destiny.

As the man explores the house and its past, he comes across several mutilated bodies. He slowly pieces together the puzzle of the house, realizing that the house is infested with demonic entities and the bodies belonged to campers who had been sacrificed by a madman living in the house, bent on becoming the Hand of Exmortis.

Eventually, he fulfills his destiny and leads Vlaew and the Exmortis back to the mortal realm, where they can begin their conquest.