Kriss Blade

The Kriss Blade in the hollowed out bible.

The Kris Blade is a weapon used by Joshua Hannay in Exmortis 2. He finds it in a hollowed-out bible in Mr. Lochear's room.

Inside the bible are the following words:

"With this dagger, sever the link and the demon horde will fall. Within your faith lies the answer."

Taking the dagger into his possession, Mr. Hannay follows Xavier Rehayem into the room at the end of the hallway. By suicide, his body transcends into the Spirit Realm and finds his way back to the Earth Realm. He finds out that the Hand of Exmortis is unaffected by bullets, and equips the dagger. Sneaking up behind the Hand, Mr. Hannay thrusts the dagger into his back, apparently destroying the Hand and sending the Cult of Exmortis back to whence they came.

This same blade was used once again in the third game, it was placed within a stone at the highest point of Vlaew's base within the Shadow Citadel. it is currently unknown as to whether the blade had an important part to play besides maybe unlocking a set of double doors into the base.

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