The Lochear Children dead.

The Lochear Children were the three children of Mr. Lochear and his wife, Anna. They moved into Lochear Fields Ranch within six months prior to the events of Exmortis II.



This 6-year-old girl is the youngest of the three children. When the Cult of Exmortis start approaching the ranch, Zoe is worried sick. When Zoe's father tells her to wash her hands, he shoots her. Since Zoe is still breathing, he drags her to the bathtub and shoots her until she stops.


Daniel is the middle child. He is 8 years old and is the only son of the Lochear family. He is killed by his father while he's sleeping.


The 11-year-old Claire is the eldest of the three children. She sleeps in the room near the end of the hallway for a time, but keeps getting disturbed by Xavier's ghost standing on the bed. She ends up moving out of the room and sleeping with her siblings.

Claire is later shot by her father without even noticing as she looks at the ominous clouds. Her apparition recreates her demise.

A Visit from Mr. HannayEdit

When Mr. Hannay visits the ranch, he finds the Lochear children already dead. Their corpses are in the small bedroom, covered with a sheet. This is where he finds a Zippo lighter on the floor.