The Lochear Fields Ranch is the main site of Exmortis 2 and the site of a number of grisly murders.

Exmortis AttackEdit

The Lochear family were some of the last survivors after the Exmortis wrought havoc on the planet. After the cult had wiped out most of the life on earth, the ranch and a few surrounding houses were some of the last remaining settlements.

Eventually a branch of the Exmortis broke off and swept the area, killing the humans they had missed in their initial pass four months prior.

All around their neighborhood, friends and neighbors were slaughtered and all connections to the world were cut off, except for the CB radio in the basement. The Exmortis eventually found the ranch. Mr. Lochear, thinking to protect his family from violent death at the hands of Exmortis, did the unthinkable. Taking a gun, he shot his three children and placed them in the bed as if they were sleeping. He then shot his wife while she slept in their bed. As the man downstairs hung himself just before the Exmortis tore him apart, Mr. Lochear walked into the kitchen, blocked the door and shot himself.

In the diary in the bedroom, which tells everything that had happened, a few pages are missing and are later found in the kitchen next to his body. The pages tell how he saved his family from having to face the Exmortis and he prayed that he would go where they are.

Xavier's LegacyEdit

The spirits of Xavier Rehayem and his daughter, Gwen, took residence of the ranch after the Exmortis destroyed their home. There, they guarded the house from intruders, often scaring them away. But when Joshua Hannay came in, they saw a special light in him and decided to help him. Joshua read the clues in the house and the diary pages in order to figure out how to destroy the Hand of Exmortis once and for all. The fate of the ranch is unknown.


  • The photo of the Lochear Fields Ranch house is actually a photo of one of the houses of Kolmanskop, Namibia, a former diamond mining town.