Sean Lochear was the owner of Lochear Fields Ranch. He was left the ranch by his uncle Charlie, who told him that "Only you can understand the ranch - and if you can't at first, you will learn to."

Initially his wife and kids are reluctant to go, but they eventually settle in with a few oddities such as a portrait that keeps reappearing in the entrance despite its repeated removal.

Eventually Lochear and his family get wind of the Exmortis attacks in nearby towns. In his diary he chronicles the struggle of mankind versus the Exmortis.


Mr. Lochear dead in his kitchen.

As the end of humanity looms over the world, Sean realizes that the Exmortis are coming for him and his family. Refusing to let them die horribly at the hands of the Exmortis, he murders his wife and children. He then barricades himself in the kitchen and shoots himself.