Prophecy of the Hand
Prophecy of the Hand is the book that tells the past, the present, and the future as Charles saw fit. He also tells that he dies, which is the truth.

Prophecy of the HandEdit

One night I dreamed.

A darkness once dormant - patiently waiting - was now emerging from the shadows.

A light growing brighter from beyond a dark chasm, wrapping around a pillar stained with ancient symbols.

Many millions of shrieks and screams engulfed me where I stood until I felt the burn rise up from the floor and it too consumed me.

My soul ripped from my shell was flattened and became a pathway. It became a link between the ancient world and my reality.

Unspeakable monstrosities crossed over and began devouring every living thing.

And then a fiend of unspeakable size and malevolence looked at me and smiled as he crossed into my world.

He introduced himself as the Ancient of the Exmortis. Vlaew.

I could see myself, a tattered broken man suddenly imbued with an insatiable power.

I felt a sudden drive to destroy all that I knew, and return it all to how it used to be before light and life.

I saw myself become the hand of Exmortis.

I was what was, what is and what will be.

I then saw a strange dagger plunge deep into me. A man holding it - a mere mortal.

And something else in the shadows.

But then the darkness took me as I fell to my knees and the pathway crumbled - my soul lost forever.

I don't dare to dream again for fear of what other horrors await.