Rehayem house in the woods.

The Rehayem House was the house that Exmortis takes place in. The house was owned by Xavier Rehayem in the late 1800s. It was still standing, albeit run down, when the Hand of Repose found it on May 24th, 1997. The fate of the house after the game is unknown.


The house was a simple two story house located deep in the woods. Many of the windows were boarded up and there were a few modern additions, such as a hidden safe in the bedroom. However, most of the house was old fashioned.


Xavier Rehayem moved to the house in 1877. The previous owner of the house is unknown. He moved in after the death of his wife, Julia, leaving only himself and his daughter, Gwen Rehayem.

Xavier was quite interested in all the ancient literature left in the house. One such book was the Book of Exmortis.

After he finished translating the book, things began to change. His daughter developed rageful tendancies and began having seizures, while Xavier himself began having ghastly nightmares. Eventually he began hallucinating, seeing things and hearing voices, while his daughter became cathartic, not responding to his attempts at conversation and silently shuffling through the house. Eventually, after months of withering away, Gwen was killed by her father in an attempt to save her from whatever force had taken her. However, he failed.

After his failure he was unable to leave the house, trapped inside with the monsters infesting the house and visions of his dead daughter. Presumably, he died at some point. After death, his spirit made its way to Lochear Fields Ranch when the Exmortis struck out at Earth and began killing off every human they could find.

Later in 1997, it was found by a hunter, who was trapped in the house by the entities inside. Vlaew told the hunter of his ancient glory and told him that he was to become the Hand of Repose. Eventually, the hunter embraced his destiny. A group of campers came across the house and they became the sacrifices necessary to return Vlaew to power and allow the Exmortis to return to the Earth Realm.

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