Xavier in Exmortis 2

Xavier Rehayem is one of the significant characters in the Exmortis universe.


Xavier Rehayem is a researcher who, under the watching influence of Vlaew, translated the ancient texts so a man could read about the history of the Ancients and the Ancient Dominion War. He and his family first moved to the Rehayem House to "escape the perils of society" and to recover from the loss of his wife, Julia Rehayem. It seems that tuberculosis took her life before the move. Xavier started reading the Book of Exmortis and translated the Aramaic texts into English while, Xavier's daughter, Gwen Rehayem, started becoming distant. Soon after, the problem evolved into fits of rage of rebellion against his parentage, and violent seizures. Even Xavier started having disturbing nightmares and hallucinations, such as hearing whispering voices, seeing small movements, and the feeling of an everwatchful presence. Gwen would become catatonic at stages, just shuffling and not even talking to her father, staring blankly at him every time they met. These physical changes started to concern Xavier. Gwen later revealed she was possessed by screaming to her father to "save her from the demons that plagued her body". Xavier was crushed and was helpless to save her. On a fateful night, he killed her, plunging a knife into her heart, believing it would free her from her suffering. But, by seeing her apparition, he realized he only helped his captors, with archaic forces trapping him and edging him on to translate the remaining texts. Later, in Exmortis 2, it is revealed in one of his books, Xavier Rehayem c. 1878, that the demons of the Exmortis were holding his daughter captive to provide "motivation" for Xavier to translate the the ancient texts. Xavier finally broke free from the influence of the Exmortis and fled to civilization. He then wrote of the way to deal with the Exmortis. Xavier dies later due to an unknown cause and returns from the dead to aid Joshua Hannay in the thwarting of the Exmortis. He warns of the the demons' presence in the surrounding area and tells of a way to kill the Hand of Exmortis: Kill five innocent people with a weapon of fire, and make the ultimate sacrifice. Nothing else is known of Xavier afterwards.

Famous Books by Xavier RehayemEdit

So far, there are a few books by Xavier Rehayem. Here are the titles:

"The Book of Exmortis" - The translated version of the original Book of Exmortis written in the Ancient Aramaic language, tells the past, the present and the future determined by the Ancients themselves.

"Xavier Rehayem c. 1878" - Tells a story of him and his daughter being captives by the strange forces of the house.

"Vetus Hostillis Exmortis" - The same edition as the original Book of Exmortis, but it has a few changes, as well as instructions on how to get to the spirit realm.

Trivia Edit

  • Xavier is the one who supposedly to stop the exmortis and the Hand of Exmortis. Because he is the one that translate the book of exmortis. But he didn't reach the year after 1997. That's the reason why there's a chapter in Exmortis II called "Xavier's Legacy".